Department of Creative ArtsComputer Graphics and Animation Course

Animation creator development begins with human qualities
At the Laugh & Peace Entertainment School Okinawa, we aim to develop animation creators with a high level of creative skills through increasing not only technical skills, but overall human qualities as well. Interacting with people and exchanging opinions allows you to ascertain what people want, come up with a plan based on the ideas, and complete the production of your projects while taking the lead. Today, creators with a wide range of skills, rather than with a single technical skill, are in demand all over the world. Okinawa is a perfect environment to be in sync with nature, which is one of the essential aspects to improve such human qualities. Here, students learn the latest necessary digital technology to develop into animation creators with great human qualities. In addition, the highly diversified talents of our students are shared with the world through creating works for actual companies, various different types of media and international film festivals utilizing the strengths of Yoshimoto Kogyo management.
3 features of CG·ANIME course
Practical curriculum to reach the global level
In collaboration with overseas studios to have an overseas training system, we develop students to become independent with the readiness for international business. Before graduating, we hold presentations as a place to present your works in front of people from the industry. Great works will be actively incorporated into new creator animation categories at film festivals all over the world
Newly established animation planning and production company managed by Yoshimoto
Students learn onsite expertise from an animation company, an affiliated business of Yoshimoto Kogyo. Creators who currently works at this cutting edge animation company provide instruction for students based on actual production. In addition, a separate classroom is available outside of the school enabling students to experience real work at professional worksite with the teachers
Learning software and hardware at world class cutting edge facility
Utilizing hardware and software helps students to increase their quality and knowledge. In addition to digital tools used by professionals, students can learn higher-than-industry-standard applications including Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite, NUKE, MARI, ZBrush, AdobeCreative Cloud, HOUDINI and Pencil+4. The most advanced work station machine is also provided to increase student’s work speeds to maximum levels

2-year Amazing Program

1st semester of year 1 2nd semester of year 1
Learning the basics of computer graphics and animation production Production of video storyboard for a presentation
Each student makes their own 15 seconds commercial plan Overseas training Creation of a job searching portfolio
1st semester of year 2 2nd semester of year 2
Company training Creative activities over 1 year
Career guidance Creator Course/Specialist Course (technicians) Job searching
Over years 1 and 2
Holding of a short animation festival overseas Students challenge themselves to create a computer graphics animation aiming to get their works played at movie theaters, on the Internet and/or TV
Main curriculum
  • Planning
  • Presentation
  • Establishing characters and world view
  • Character design
  • Mood board
  • Script writing technique
  • Storyboards
  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Animation
  • Effects
  • Writing
  • Rendering
Careers after graduation
  • Animation creator
  • Animator
  • Computer graphics creator

Course Introduction

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