Liberal Arts

Learn beyond course borders with active learning while having fun
Playing a vital part in Cool Japan, the Japanese entertainment industry is recently looking for talent who can appeal to the audiences from all over the world, and not only Japan. We offer students an opportunity to learn and fuse a wide variety of genres such as dancing, vocals, acting, voice acting and performance to acquire a sense to detect the flow of the times and global expression skills which can be understood all around the world. This can create talent who can success worldwide in response to unprecedented entertainment demands. Our liberal arts study provides a high level of education unparalleled in Asia which fuses traditions and innovation while incorporating groundbreaking methods and techniques used overseas.
Learn together with your friends at Yoshimoto
Play to learn difficult subjects
Performing manzai stand-up bits, skits and comedy in English and Chinese
We have a foreign language curriculum from Joe Lee, a multilingual teacher who can speak 15 languages. Performing manzai stand-up bits, skits and comedy in English and Chinese is a completely different approach than normal vocational school studying enabling students to learn language skills which they can utilize overseas.
Explore culture and history of Okinawa to plan, produce and/or appear in travel shows
Students get to know Japanese entertainment history and learn Okinawan performing arts and history of the Ryukyu Kingdom to deepen their understanding of current Okinawa entertainment. They also get to experience excitement of planning, producing, broadcasting and appearing in a show to convey the charm of Okinawa.
Develop new specialty/feature and business in Okinawa tourism to make contributions to local community
Students consider how to utilize entertainment in Okinawa for business and make connections from perspectives such as tourism, community and local vitalization to develop new famous spots and products. In addition, together with Yoshimoto students learn how to create new work and implement it in order to solve social problems in Okinawa, Japan and Asia based on the theme of social business.
Everyone is a YouTuber! From planning and production to editing and streaming
First try it out. Students learn digital skills necessary for design or other aspects of contents production through practice while studying how to share information to gain attention around the world through activities such as making contents, video game walk-throughs and simple video shooting and editing for YouTube. Find joy through bringing excitement to the world with your own free thoughts..
Seek interesting ideas together with traditional artists, designers and artists
The world famous garden designer Kazuyuki Ishihara provides instruction on the world’s top garden design techniques. Students not only learn gardening, but they also learn construction planning and perspective creation using computer graphics with aims of winning the gold award at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show held in the UK. Students also produce collaboration works of traditional art and various projects for commercialization and monetization using crowd funding.

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