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Compete with professionals. Start creating manga from day one at school. Get your manga turned into anime and share with the world.
Manga is a popular form of entertainment from Japan and a culture which is admired and adored by many people all over the world. As you know, manga characters go out into the world and transcend national and language barriers as the central presence in the contents industry. Moreover, manga can be created with a single pen and single sheet of paper. Currently active professional manga artists and editors who have created manga on the forefront of comic magazines for many years offer practical expertise and a curriculum so you can develop untapped skills which will surprise the world starting from Okinawa.
3 features of MANGA course
Yoshimoto will publish comic magazines for worldwide release
Outstanding works by students will have the opportunity to be included in media such as the Coamix Group published manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon, the online magazine Zenyon! And/or the electronic manga app Manga Hot. In addition, Yoshimoto Kogyo has a plan to publish its own comic magazine which aims to be released around the globe.
Our faculty are top-level active manga artists and editors
The faculty of this practical curriculum established by Coamix are the world-leading editors and manga artists with hit titles who are actively working for the publisher, of which core members include the former chief editor of the Weekly Shonen Jump Nobuhiko Horie, the creator of City Hunter and Cat’s Eye Tsukasa Hojo and the creator of Fist of the North Star and Keiji Tetsuo Hara.
Learn only what you need to learn to become a manga artist
The most vital skill for a manga artist is to have the strong desire to want to make the reader happy. With the backup of the publishing company which has had a lot of writers make their debut and produced many hit manga titles, we can provide a curriculum and environment to thoroughly learn what is actually necessary to create manga

2-year Amazing Program

1st semester of year 1 2nd semester of year 1
Complete 8-page manga name (draft storyboard) Complete a short manga name (draft storyboard)
  • Character contest
  • 4panel manga contest
  • Manga name contest
1st semester of year 2 2nd semester of year 2
Submit a non-serial short manga work you created throughout year 2 to publishers for potential publication debut
Short manga and gag manga contests (8pages, 15pages, 32pages)
Over years 1 and 2
The goal is to issue a manga magazine as a graduation work included in the curriculum over years 1 and 2. You will work on all the process of manga magazine creation from coming up with the concept and name of magazine, to creating draft (contents and number of pages), manga production, design, proofreading and printing.
Main curriculum
  • Character analysist
  • Learning of character element
  • Drawing techniques for facial expressions, full body, movement, background, etc
  • Tone and coloring
  • 4panel manga creation
  • Story outline
  • Plot writing
  • Scene division
  • Name chart creation
  • Panel layout
  • Naming techniques
  • Japanese manga theor
  • Manga editing theory
  • Manga publishing industry theor and more
Careers after graduation
  • Working as a professional manga artist
  • Assistant to manga artist
  • Manga editor

Course Introduction

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