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Dancing, singing, acting, voice acting
Be a performer on the world stage
Performers adorn the glamorous center stages of the entertainment industry. There are many types of performers such as dancers, singers, actors and voice actors.The curriculum of the Performer Course is established as global standards aiming to develop talent who can perform on the international stage. Abilities required for dancing, singing, acting and voice acting are all closely related. For example, many current voice actors are required to also have acting and singing skills. Therefore, our curriculum aims to first obtain all the basic skills and then improve upon the student’s individual specialized field. Our dance program is supervised by Hinton Battle, a Broadway legend with 3 Tony Awards. As for the vocal training program, we are the first Japanese educational institution to introduce the EVT-Estill Voice Training* program. Our acting program includes a wide range of acting training with cooperation from Hollywood actor Masi Oka. The voice acting program includes a practical curriculum from voice director Yukio Nagasaki who has extensive experience in teaching voice acting.
* EVT- Estill Voice Training™ is a science-based voice training method established by Jo Estill in 1988. This innovative method advocated by many performers around the world enables skilled control of your voice. Singers from over 500 companies worldwide who perform at venues such as Madison Square Garden and the Sydney Opera House (or any other theatres in famous theatrical districts including Broadway and Covent Garden) have learned this method, which is also introduced at institutions of higher education worldwide.
3 features of PERFORMER course
Practical education from experienced first class teachers and methods
The Performer Course offers a curriculum from genuine first class performers and instructors who have succeeded in their respective fields of entertainment. With their brilliant careers and resumes they have built up, the teachers are capable of providing genuine practical performance education.
Unique style of curriculum allowing students to take lessons as the best approach to become an ideal performer to them
It is natural for students to have different thoughts about the ideal performer which they want to become. The Performer Course first has students try out all lessons including dancing, singing, acting and voice acting. Afterwards, students can take lessons based on their own individual goals in a curriculum which starts with the basics and makes its way up to specialized education
Widening the potential as a professional performer after graduation
We hold a graduation performance as an opportunity to present your 2 years of hard work. This graduation performance, carried out in front of people from a wide variety of fields in the entertainment industry, is not the goal, but a starting point towards a career as a professional. This type of practical experience and networking with people who play a major role in the industry promises a successful career as a professional performer.

2-year Amazing Program

1st semester of year 1 2nd semester of year 1
Basic lessons
Basic lessons in all performance styles
Establishing a specialized learning style and taking lessons
1st semester of year 2 2nd semester of year 2
Specialized lessons
Taking specialized lessons (advanced), graduation performance
Over years 1 and 2
Laugh & Peace Tour held in Japan and overseas through years 1 and 2
Main curriculum
  • Dance lessons (Ballet, modern, hip hop, tap)
  • EVT voice lessons
  • EVT official course
  • Vocal
  • Performance
  • Entertainment history
  • Acting lessons
  • Improvisation lessons
  • Voice acting lessons
  • Audio class
  • Industry practice course
  • Graduation performance and more
Careers after graduation
  • Dancer
  • Singer
  • Actor
  • Voice actor (anime, dubbed foreign movie)

Course Introduction

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