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Department of Creative ArtsManga Course

Manga writer / editor
Nobuhiko Horie
Nobuhiko Horie started Coamix Co., Ltd. in 2000 after working as chief editor at Weekly Shonen Jump. He began Weekly Comic Bunch in 2001 and Monthly Comic Zenon in 2010. Currently he is putting efforts into scientific analysis of manga while working on a number of different projects as an original writer for manga.
Monthly Comic Zenon

Horie was the first chief editor of Monthly Comic Zenon while holding the position of CEO at Coamix. Serial titles he wrote in this magazine includes the Ikusa no Ko and Gifu Dodo!! series produced by Tsukasa Hojo and Tetsuo Hara.

Department of Creative ArtsComputer Graphics and Animation Course

Video producer
Shunsuke Koga
Koga is a producer who works on various different projects focusing on movies and computer graphic animation. His major works include Oshin, Tono, Risoku de Gozaru! and the worldwide Netflix series Hibana: Spark (based on a novel by Naoki Matayoshi). He is a former professor at Kyoto University of Art & Design and the CEO of THEFOOL.
Netflix original drama series Hibana:Spark

The Akutagawa award winning novel Hibana from Naoki Matayoshi is a huge hit selling over 2.5 million copies. The live action version of this novel which garnered a lot of attention went down a new path by choosing to go with Netflix instead of theatrical movie adaptation or release as a television drama. As the executive producer, Koga creates the overall blueprint for the series which is available in 190 countries around the world.

Department of Performing ArtsPerformer Course

Actor / Dancer / Choreographer / Singer
Hinton Battle
Battle started ballet when he was 9 years old and made his Broadway debut in The Wiz in 1975. He is the first African American to win 3 Tony Awards which is the highest honor in the American theater industry. He has also appeared in movies such as Chicago (1997) and is active as a choreographer and jazz singer.
Hinton Battle Dance Academy

Hinton Battle Dance Academy, which opened in April 2017, is one of the top dancer training institutions in Japan. Including Hinton Battle, internationally successful performers work here as teachers. Around 30 students who are selected after a strict selection process take a 3 year curriculum focusing on the 4 genres of ballet, modern, hip hop and rhythm tap.

Masi Oka
Oka was a regular on the American drama HEROES and has established himself as the most well-known Japanese actor. He also has experience as an engineer at Industrial Light & Magic which was established by George Lucas and currently is active as a producer and scriptwriter.
Netflix original movie Death Note

Oka also works as an advisor for overseas strategies of Japanese companies based on the concept of “thinking like an American with the heart of a Japanese person”. He took part in the Hollywood version of Death Note which was released in August 2017 as a producer. He is currently working on producing the live action film of the popular video game Mega Man.

Sound director
Yukio Nagasaki
Nagasaki has worked as a music producer in a number of anime works such as City Hunter and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack. He has a lot of experience in production including video games such as Gran Turismo and with artists such as Kahoru Kohiruimaki and George Tokoro.
Love Live! Series

Among other numerous works of production Nagasaki has been involved such as anime movies, live action movies, TV anime series and video games, the Love Live! series for which Nagasaki works as the voice director has created a significant movement in recent years. With the idol group as the story’s main characters, there are many live scenes making the role audio plays extremely important.

Department of Performing ArtsProduction Course

Stage producer
Saburo Maeda
Previously having taken up a post as manager at Sunshine Theater and as the executive manager of Meijiza Theater, Maeda currently works as the president and representative director of the Kyodo Factory and a councilor for the Toshima Mirai Cultural Foundation. He has been involved in stage production and producing for many years, and he also puts his efforts into public theater activities.
Shelter Nanyo Hall

Maeda has been involved in the Shelter Nanyo Hall located in Nanyo City, Yamagata, since before it opened. With a huge success with over 200,000 visitors in less than 2 years since opening, this hall was also used as a rehearsal place for the first Japan tour of musical Blast with around 40 foreigners staying here for 8 weeks. This model case has changed the look of the town vitalizing the region with entertainment.

Liberal ArtsLiberal Arts

Garden designer
Kazuyuki Ishihara
Ishihara started studying the mainstream of ikebana flower arrangement school Ikenobo at the age of 22. Since then, he has been fascinated by flowers and nature and has been active not only in Japan, but all over the world. He has received many awards including 6 consecutive gold medals at the top international gardening show, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. He is also the CEO of the Kazuyuki Ishihara Design Laboratory.
RHS Chelsea Flower Show

This world’s top flower show has over 100 years of history. Ishihara won the gold medal 3 consecutive years from 2006 and 6 consecutive years from 2012. He has also won double awards with the Best Garden Award given to the top garden in the category 4 times. In addition, he received the top prize, the President’s Award, at the 2016 event.

Kurayoshi Takara
Specialized in Ryukyu history, Takara has worked as a specialist at the Okinawa Historical Document Editing Center, chief of the Urasoe City Library and a professor at the Faculty of Law and Letters, the University of the Ryukyus. He was on the committee for the restoration of Shurijo Castle and was a supervisor for the NHK taiga drama series Ryukyu no Kaze. He served as the vice governor of Okinawa under Hirokazu Nakaima from 2013 and he currently is an honorary professor at the University of the Ryukyus.
Shurijo Castle restoration

Takara was in charge of background research based on his vast knowledge of the Ryukyu Kingdom during the Shurijo Castle restoration which began in the mid 1980s. He gathered a massive amount of documents and played a leading role in restoring this symbol which burnt down during the war. The restoration which he said, “I have spent half of my life’s energy on,” is currently in the final stages and is scheduled to be complete in fall 2018.

Language lecturer
Joe Lee
Lee spent his childhood in England and came to Japan in 1995. He started his career as an interpreter and translator since being enrolled at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. After graduating, he was involved in the Taiwan High Speed Rail Project and overseas affairs by members of the House of Councilors. He has also worked as an interpreter for events such as the WBC (baseball), AFC Asian Cup and the Tokyo International Film Festival.
Fluent in 15 languages

Lee has mastered various different foreign languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, French and Spanish. He says the trick to learning languages is “Just like sports, your language skill will gradually get rusty if you don’t speak it. Therefore, I always train to polish up my skills.” His success in acquiring foreign languages is a product of his hard work and having an interest and a necessity to learn.

University professor
Yoshiro Shimoji
As an Okinawa prefectural official, Shimoji took up various posts such as the first chief of the Hong Kong Okinawa Prefectural Office, the chief of the Tourism Promotion Section and the chief of the Tourism Planning Section. He is an expert on tourism policies and has made great contributions to vitalizing Okinawa. After leaving his post in March 2013, he was appointed professor at the Department of Tourism Sciences at the University of the Ryukyus. His main research fields are tourism policy theory and tourism branding.
Research on tourism policy and culture

Tourism consists of various different elements such as food, music, performing arts and nature and it includes studies in areas such as economics, business science, geography and cultural anthropology. Shimoji has a successful history of researching methodology to provide support for Okinawa from business and political standpoints.

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